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2021-2022 Memberships for Academy of LifeLong Learning

Cost: $45.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.


$50+ - Enrollee Tier - (1) Discounts on Programming at Doudna Fine Arts Center, (2) A complementary Parking Pass to be used during on-campus Academy events, (3) 10% EIU bookstore discount, (4) a receipt for your 100% tax-deductable donation $100+ - Undergraduate Tier - Above plus recognition in our next Community Program Guide, including the online edition $250+ - Associate Tier - Above plus recognition on our Facebook page $500+ - Baccalaureate Tier - Above plus a sneak peek at upcoming Academy events before they are announced with a chance for input $1,000+ - Master Tier - Above plus recognition on a plaque in our new School of Extended Learning lobby, to be seen by visitors and guests of the Academy $2,500+ - Doctorate Tier - Above plus an exclusive markup copy of the Community Program Guide at least one week before it is released $5,000+ - Postdoctorate Tier - Above plus two invitations to dine with special guests of the Academy


WELCOME to the Academy of Lifelong Learning. Joining now extends your membership through 8/31/22. If you wish to purchase a 2 or 3 year membership with our discount, please call our office. #217-581-5114 Thank you for supporting lifelong learning.
Fee: $45.00

Marita Metzke